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Club By-laws

Buzzard Field Constitution and By-laws


A. The official name of the club shall be “Buzzard Field Model Airplane Club, Inc.”

A. To promote the health and continuation of the radio control hobby (model aircraft, model cars).
B. To obtain and maintain a suitable location.

A. The membership shall include anyone interested in the rc community. The membership calender will run from January 1 thru December 31 of each year.

A. All equipment, tables, current hanger etc. shall stay/remain on club property.
B. Should equipment or property become outdated or useless, it may be dispensed of using a club vote and majority rule on how to dispose of such item.


The President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer compose the Executive Committee, as well as the Chairman of each Standing Committee. A club member cannot become a club officer unless that person has been a paid, full club member for a minimum of year.

ARTICLE #2 Duties of the Officiers
The President shall preside over all meetings of the club, shall act as a spokesman for the club in all matters pertaining to it and shall appoint all committees.
1. The Vice President shall act for the President when he/she is unable to serve. He/she shall be expected to chair various committees.
2. The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings and provide meeting information to all club members along with keeping attendance records.
3. The Treasurer shall collect all dues along with maintaining the financial records associated with paying bills, etc.
4. The Executive Committee shall act in matters set forth in this constitution and By-Laws and shall decide general policy between monthly meetings of the club.

All officers of the club shall serve one year from the date of election. They may be re-nominated for their current or new position during the regular November meeting. Nomination of new officers will be done during the November meeting and be handled by the Executive Committee along with nominations from the floor.. The selection/election of “new” officers shall be held during the December meeting and will be installed by majority vote for each position that is available.
1. Shall a vacancy arise, it will be filled by appointment from the Executive Committee.
2. Chairman of standing committees shall come by appointment from the club president and voted on by the club. Term to be one year, same as all other officers.
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3. Report directly to Executive Committee.

Amendments may be made to this Constitution, provided the membership has been notified in writing at least one month in advance that a potential amendment change is to be considered. Copies of the proposed amendment and its corresponding change shall be provided to all club members. Amendment changes are to be completed by a 2/3’s majority vote of all eligible club members. By-laws may be changed by 2/3’s majority vote of all eligible members.

A. The general meetings of the club shall be held at the club property on the second Sunday of each month at 2 pm. Time and date may be changed as necessary.
B. Special meetings may be called at any other time during the month by the Executive Committee.
C. Any club member in good financial standing may attend meetings, provide input and take place in general monthly club meetings/votes.

A. Any club member in good financial standing with the club and 19 years of age or older may vote on in Executive Committee officers.
B. Mail-in votes are accepted, but must be signed and received by the Executive Committee one week in advance of the meeting/vote.
C. Phone-in votes will not be accepted.
D. Social Members and Associate Members will not hold voting rights nor be eligible for an Executive Committee seat.

This is a non-profit club that operates/functions solely with the help/input from its members. Members are expected to participate with its operational needs that include but are not limited to the following:
1. Mowing, grounds maintenance.
2. Success of fun flies/open house events.
3. RC track maintenance.
Prospective club members are required to be current members of the AMA (Academy of Model Aeronautics) prior to applying for club membership. A club member who is not an AMA member will only hold a “Social Member” status.
4. Non-club members can operate model aircraft and/or model cars (rc track) on club property during fun fly/open house events provided they have shown proof of AMA membership.
5. Guests can use the property 3 different visits within the calender year as long as the following conditions are met:
a. Must be accompanied by a club member in good financial standing with the club.
b. The club member must be a full member/associate member with AMA insurance.
c. Guest without AMA must be on a “Buddy Box”.
d. No other circumstances will be tolerated due to liability reasons.
e. Club member and guest must sign “visitor” book upon each arrival.
6. Various membership levels exist to promote multiple ways to contribute/participate with the club.

AA. Full Membership $60.00
1. full unrestricted access to the property 24/7/365. Includes camping.
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2. voting rights and the option to hold a seat on the Executive Committee.
3. can attend meetings and provide input.
4. this is a “family” membership.

BB. Associate Membership $30.00
a. a member in good financial standing with another club (proof required) and holds current AMA membership (proof required).
b. use of the property without supervision.
c. NO voting rights, cannot hold office.
d. this is an “individual” membership.
CC. Youth Membership $30.00
a. 19 Years of age or YOUNGER, no other family member as a club member.
b. NO voting rights, cannot hold office.
c. MUST have AMA insurance, this is FREE through AMA.
d. can attend meetings and provide input.
DD. RC Track membership $30.00
a. Must have AMA insurance.
b. NO voting rights, cannot hold office.
c. can attend meetings and provide input.
d. this is a “family” membership.
EE. Social Membership $20.00
a. a paid member not looking for use of flying field or rc track. Would like to participate in events and camping privileges.
b. NO voting rights, cannot hold office.
c. this is an “individual” membership.
FF. Trial Membership April/May are FREE – Remainder of year $45.00
a. Must have AMA Insurance.
b. can only visit field with a member in “good standing” during the first two (2) months since they are NOT a paid member as of yet.
c. Available to “first time (New) members” ONLY.
d. voting rights only after they become a paid member.
7. Dues for various memberships will be set on an annual basis. Changes will be voted on during December Meeting.
A. Full Member: includes all bodies of same family under one roof. AMA required for each family member that wishes to participate in flying or driving.
B. Associate membership is an individual membership.
C. Youth membership is an individual with NO other family members (under the same roof) currently belonging to the club.
D. RC Track membership is a family membership.
E. Social membership is an individual membership.
F. Trial membership can be a family or individual membership based upon membership selection. AMA required. This allows the family or an individual access to the property for a period of 2 months (April and May), free of charge; first time member ONLY. Then the family or individual can join the club at a reduced rate for the remaining year or cease all activities at the club. See above under membership specifics item #5, lines “a thru e” for all guidelines that pertain to this trial membership.

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1. AMA membership is required. Pilots/Drivers must comply with AMA safety code.
2. The noise level of all engines (no exceptions) will register below 90db at 9 feet using a Radio Shack meter #33-2055 or equivalent, set at “C” on slow response.
3. This is a “semi-restricted” flying site. There are NO-FLY-ZONES as defined on the map. If you are unsure, DO NOT FLY until you are clear about these zones. These include the houses along S. Ridge Road, CPAA and the house off the East end of the runway. All flying must be in front of you as
you stand in front of pit tables. Flying over pit area, parking area or any spectators will be a rule violation. Know before you fly!
4. All aircraft engines and motors MUST be started and run NORTH of the pit tables.
5. Your AMA card must be placed properly on your frequency on the pin board PRIOR to turning on your transmitter.
6. NO aircraft of any size or type will be flown over parking area or pit area at any time. See NO-FLY-Zones.
7. RC cars will only be run on the rc car track. NO exceptions.
8. Infractions will be taken seriously and WILL be documented; repeat offenders will be mentioned at club meetings for consideration of penalty and even possible termination of club privileges.
9. Once a membership has been selected, paid and the month started, refunds will not be honored.
10. This is a family oriented club and as such, we ask that we keep the “environment” family friendly.

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